Web Social Stats for SEO

Web Social Stats for SEO is an app for iPad. It helps you track the social interactions statistics (Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, and Google +1s) for web pages and web sites.

Adding individual URLs

You can add individual URLs easily by either:

1. Typing in the exact URL and clicking the add button. OR

2. Browsing to the URL and then clicking the add button.

Web Social Stats for SEO

When typing in the exact URL the app will also show you what that URL redirects to. You can choose whether to add your original URL, or the redirected one. This can be very useful as the social services will often record separate counts for each URL.

Adding multiple URLs

There is also a more powerful way of adding multiple URLs. You can add URLs via a small sitemap.xml file. For now you are limited to adding the first 50 URLs in a sitemap.┬áThis limit is in place so the sync operation doesn’t take too long, or use too much bandwidth.

A good way to use the sitemap.xml feature for your own website is to create a custom sitemap containing the URLs you are most interested in tracking.

Once downloaded the data is stored on the device so you can browse it later offline.

You can also sort the columns in descending, and ascending order.


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